COMMidt Audiostreamer

COMMidt Audiostreamer

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    COMMidt Audiostreamer ( 108-041)

    Long range and lip synchronized Audiostreamer!

    Hear the sound from your TV and other audio devices sent wirelessly and directly into your hearing aid(s) and/or Cochlear Implant(s).

    Finally, a lip synchronized Bluetooth transmitter that produces top-class sound from your TV, Radio, CD, MP3 player etc. via your Maestro Neckloop. Use the Audiostreamer to easily choose which of the connected sound sources you wish to hear. It can also be connected to alerting systems so that the signal from this will be prioritized over all other sound sources. For example, you will hear the doorbell even if the TV is on. When there is a signal from an alerting system,
    a powerful LED light will also flash in the front of the Audiostreamer.


    • Easy to switch between connected audio sources
    • Charger Cradle (docking station) integrated for CIBS neck loops and Bluetooth microphones
    • Enjoy lip synchronized Hi-Fi quality sound (A2DP)
    • The perfect solution for people with or without hearing aid(s)
    • Lip synchronized sound
    • Prioritized input for alerting system
    • Range: up to 70 meters
    • Transfers high quality sound
    • Integrated charger cradle
    • Simple connection
    • Ideal for people who live in apartments and terraced houses, where the room division causes risk of overhearing (like FM)

    Included in Package:

    • International power supply and wall fittings
    • 1 cable for connection to TV (scart/phono)
    • 1 cable for connection to radio (phono)
    • 1 cable for connection to MP3/CD player (3.5 mm jack)

    Technical Info - Audiostreamer

    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • Class 1 device
    • 3 audio inputs (phono)
    • 1 audio input (3,5mm jack)
    • 1 priority alarm input (3,5mm jack)
    • Profiles: Hands-free, Handsett, A2DP (HiFi)
    • Dimensions:
      120 (W) x 90 (D) x 38 (H) mm
      4.7 (W) x 3.5 (D) x 1.5 (H) inch
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