COMMidt CIBS Audio

COMMidt CIBS Audio

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    COMMidt CIBS Audio ( 108-141)

    Lip synchronized Bluetooth sound transfer from the TV/Home entertainment.

    CIBS AUDIO is a 2-in-1 solution for the digital transmission of sound from TV sets, radios, CD and MP3 players.

    If you find it difficult to hear TV sound without disturbing others, CIBS AUDIO is the perfect solution for you!  CIBS AUDIO is a ready-paired solution for audio equipment at home or at work so that you don’t have to worry about connection/pairing.

    The solution consists of an Audiostreamer (transmitter) and a receiver (neck loop with headset). The wireless streamer connects to the relevant audio equipment such as TV, radio, MP3 player etc.  The Audiostreamer transfers the sound via Bluetooth and directly to the wireless neck loop so that you get the sound directly into your hearing aid(s) / CI or headset. With the use of the latest technology, the sound transfer is lip synchronized, which is essential for a positive sound experience.

    The Audiostreamer can also be connected to an alarm system if it has line-out. If doorbells, smoke alarms or other alarms go off, the Audiostreamer will automatically turn off the sound on the audio unit you are listening to, and you will receive an alarm from the warning device directly into the hearing aid(s) / CI or headset.

    This set consists of an Audiostreamer (transmitter) which transfers the sound via Bluetooth directly to the wireless CIBS Neck Loop (receiver) into your hearing aid/CI or headset.

    • Digital lip synchronized transfer of audio equipment such as TV, radio, CD etc.
    • Possibility to connect alerting system so that you are aware of doorbells, smoke alarms etc.
    • Simple connection of up to 4 audio units in addition to the alerting system
    • A2DP Hi-Fi profile and long range, up to 230 Feet
    • Suitable for all kinds of hearing aids/CI with T-coil and hearing losses
    • Possibility to use a headset
    • Eavesdrop secure

    Features Include:

    • Active noise reduction
    • Stepless-volume control
    • Range: up to 230 Feet
    • Rechargeable battery on CIBS Neck Loop
    • Eavesdrop secure
    • Simple connection
    • No channels (FM)

    Integrated Charger Cradle for simple charging and storing of the receiver

    • Simple to use, fits all types of TV’s and home entertainment systems
    • CIBS AUDIO is compatible with satellite, cable and digital HD-TV
    • The receiver is very easy to use and comfortable to wear
    • International charger, headset, cables for connection of audio equipment and wall fittings are all included

    Included in Package:

    • CIBS Neck Loop
    • Audiostreamer with charger cradle
    • Headset
    • International charger
    • Audio cables (2 phono, 1 SCART, 1 jack 3.5 mm) and brackets.

    Technical Info - CIBS Neck loop

    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • BlueCore05 Multimedia Engine
    • Talk time: up to 15 hours
    • Standby time: > 500 hours
    • Charging time: 1.5 hours
    • Rechargeable Battery type:
      Li-Ion Polymer 3.7 volt
    • Dimension:
      2.5 (L) x 1,4 (W) x 0.7 (H) inch.
    • Weight: approx. 1.4 ounces
    • Headset jack
    • Simple unit pairing
    • Headset, hands-free and A2DP (Hi-Fi) profile

    Technical Info - Audiostreamer

    • Bluetooth 2.0
    • Class 1 device
    • 3 audio inputs (phono)
    • 1 audio input (3.5mm jack)
    • 1 priority alarm input (3.5 mm jack)
    • Dimensions:
      4.7 (W) x 3.5 (D) x 1.5 (H) inches
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