NoiZfree NZ-BTH3ST2 Bluetooth Silhouette - Dual w/ Neckloop

NoiZfree NZ-BTH3ST2 Bluetooth Silhouette - Dual w/ Neckloop

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    NoiZfree BTH3ST2 Bluetooth Silhouette - Dual w/ Neckloop

    The NoiZfree BTH3ST2 Speech and Music Edition offers the an unparalleled level of clarity. The user can use it with a cell phone to improve perception in discussions or even listen to music. Depending on the user's lifestyle and favorite method of sound reception, you can choose between the included special Stereo T-coil hooks or the neckloop.

    Simply place the T-coil inductive ear hooks over your ears or put on the neckloop, switch your hearing aid or cochlear implant to T-coil, turn on the BTH3, and activate Bluetooth on your cell phone or computer. 

    • Wireless, hands-free cell phone communication via Bluetooth and T-coil
    • FM stereo radio
    • Wireless computer CD/DVD audio and VOIP communications such as Skype via Bluetooth and T-coil
    • Single multi-functional button to answer and end calls
    • Volume controls customize listening level with impressive amplification
    • Dual light weight, inductive ear hooks and neckloop included
    • T-coil/Telecoil compatible - BTE, ITE and ITC aids
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