Plantronics MHA100

Plantronics MHA100

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    Plantronics MHA100

    The Plantronics MHA100 amplifies incoming sounds up to 24dB and makes words easier to understand with Clarity Power technology. Portable and convenient, the MHA100 can be used in loud environments and by those with mild to moderate hearing loss. The MHA100 is designed for mobile, cordless and cellular phones with a 2.5mm headset jack.

    Plantronics MHA100 combines a mobile phone's headset/earbud with amplification for the hard of hearing.

    Combines your mobile phone headset/earbud with amplification for the hard of hearing.

    This amplifier works with most cellular and cordless phones with a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset jack.


    • Hear every word up to 3 times louder >> up to 24 dB
    • Plugs directly into cell phone through the 2.5 mm headset jack
    • Adjustable volume clarity
    • Works with most cellular, mobile and cordless headset-ready phones
    • Voice/sound activated operations (Separate headset required)
    • Requires 3 zinc air type 675 or AC675 batteries
    • Battery Life: 30-40 hours of continuous talk time depending on usage and volume settings
    • Automatically turns ON/OFF to conserve batteries
    • Belt clip included
    • Lightweight

    Finally an amplifier for your cell phone & headset that works!


    1. Plug the coiled cord (2.5mm) of the MHA100 into your telephone's headset jack.
    2. Plug the connector of your headset into the 2.5 mm jack of the MHA100.
    3. The MHA100 is sound/voice activated. The unit will automatically turn ON and the RED LED will light up when a call is made or received.
    4. Adjust the volume control to best suit your hearing. For the best results, set the volume of your phone to minimum or near minimum before adjusting the volume control of the MHA100. NOTE: The RED LED will also blink to indicate the amplifier has reached its maximum volume limit.
    5. The unit will turn off automatically ten (10) seconds after the phone is turned OFF or no sound is detected. The MHA100 will automatically turn ON when there is sound activity detected or a button the cell phone is pressed.

    NOTE: Use of this product requires a telephone with a 2.5 mm telephone jack and a compatible headset. If your phone does not have a 2.5 mm telephone jack, an adapter may be required. Check with the manufacturer of the telephone equipment.

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