Centrum Sound CM-3J

Centrum Sound CM-3J

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    Centrum Sound CM-3J

    The CM-3 conference microphone has been designed to enhance the pickup range for a wide variety of personal assistive listening devices, cassette recorders, and digital voice recording devices including computers. With CM-3, there is no need for passing the microphone around or to miss out on faint voices during play-back of the meeting recordings. To enhance intelligibility, the microphone has been designed to provide a smooth boost in the frequencies around 3 kHz. With it's unique daisy-chain capability, even the longest conference table can be adequately covered for the hard of hearing as well as someone recording meetings.

    The CM-3's contemporary design affords discrete setup at any conference table. It is a so-called boundary type microphone, where the hard reflective surface (the conference table) it is placed on constitutes the boundary. Taking advantage of the natural boundaries has resulted in a small compact design with it's main body fitting in the palm of a hand. A dense body composition combined with large rubber feet prevents skidding on any surface and reduces annoying mechanical noises usually associated with conference arrangements.

    The CM-3 conference microphone works with all brand name assistive listening devices, cassette recorders and digital voice recorders employing electret microphones. Most assistive listening devices such as personal FM systems can power at least two CM-3 microphones. The standard CM-3 is available with 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm mono-jacks. Other jacks or adaptors are available upon request. Special XLR adaptors for commercial phantom powered mixers are also available.

    For assistive listening applications, the typical pick-up range is 8-12 feet. However, the realized pick-up range may vary from 5 to 15 feet depending on environmental conditions and the individual user's discrimination score. For voice recording applications, a single conference microphone will do in most cases. However, one of the CM-3's main features is it's daisy-chain capability. The effective pickup range can be expanded substantially by daisy chaining two or more CM-3 conference microphones together with V-cords, Y-splitters and extension cords. Pictured at right are two CM-3s wired through table top. If more than four microphones are required, we recommend the use of an automatic microphone mixer such as the Audio-Technica AT-MX341a SmartMixer. We deliver the mixer with four 12' input cables and one output cable with 3.5 mm mini plug.


    • Compact and completely portable
    • Increased signal-to-noise ratio
    • Consistent tone quality and low vibration sensitivity
    • Can be daisy chained. No mixer required for four microphones or less
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