ClearSounds BT-PONS

ClearSounds BT-PONS

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    ClearSounds CS-BTPONS
    (Bluetooth Professional Office Neckloop System™)

    The ultimate solution for people with hearing loss that would like to:

    • Amplify a callers voice by up to 30dB
    • Experience improved speech discrimination by up to 80%
    • Enjoy the wireless freedom that's now available

    If you have hearing loss and you're job depends on you talking on the telephone, this is the solution you've been asking for.

    If you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants with a telecoil option or even if you don't wear hearing aids at all, the BTPONS works for both situations.

    Better Amplification
    Get the extra volume and clarity you need to communicate more effectively and comfortably on the telephone at work.  With the new BTPONS you can turn ANY telphone, including business phones, into a Bluetooth hub.  By connecting the Voyager to your business phone and pairing your Quattro Neckloop with the Voyager you're now able to enjoy the freedom this amazing technology offers.  No longer are you tethered to your desk with wires, connectors and hardware.  You can walk around the office completely hands-free allowing you to take better notes, navigate the internet or whatever you desire; the freedom is yours!

    For even more flexability simply add the Plantronics HL-10 Handset Lifter to your office phone and you can answer incoming calls when away from your desk with the push of a button on your Quattro neckloop.  When you're ready to hang-up, simply push the button again to lower the handset back to the base.*

    Not Just for Work
    The BTPONS not only provides the solution for your office environment its so versitle it will become your most important tool in your arsenol.  Are you an iPhone, iTouch or soon-to-be iPad user? This new generation Quattro Bluetooth Neckloop offers the ultimate accessory for your iPod/iPad allowing you to connect seamlessly for both mobile phone and stereo music use.

    Pair the Quattro neckloop with your mobile device and you'll not only enjoy hands-free phone calls, you can listen to your music, watch videos or play games and enjoy the sounds you've been missing.

    Not Just for Mobile Devices

    When you've finally made your way back home or to your hotel room, connect the optional Quattro Bluetooth Dongle to any audio device and enjoy television, radio or music in a completely wireless world.

    Note: Neckloops are designed to work specifically with hearing aids that have t-coils (aka t-switch, telephone coil). If you are not sure if your hearing has t-coils, contact your audiologist to assist you in identifying this feature.

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