ClearSounds QConnect

ClearSounds QConnect

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    ClearSounds QConnect Stereo Bluetooth Transceiver

    The QConnect is a Bluetooth audio transceiver (transmitter/receiver) that uses Bluetooth to provide two-way (sending and receiving) communication between a corded or cordless phone and Bluetooth receiving devices. Plug this fabulous little device into the headset jack of any phone and then pair it to our remarkable Quattro 4.0, Quattro 4 LITE or Quattro Pro for a clear, amplified sound experience that’s second to none. The QConnect is compatible with other Bluetooth neckloops, streamers and headsets and features versatile micro USB charging functionality, a long lasting battery and a totally secure connection, making this a must-have tool for communication. 


    • Bluetooth Profile: HFP v1.5 + EDR , Class II
    • Compatible with any Bluetooth neckloop, streamer or headset. We recommended the ClearSounds Quattro 4.0 Neckloop or Quattro 4LITE or Quattro Pro
    • Distance: up to 33 feet
    • Playing Time: up to 5-6 hours (5x longer than v1.2 devices)
    • Charging Time: 2-3 hours, including full functionality while charging!
    • Frequency Range: 2.4 GHz Spectrum
    • EDR (Extended Data Rate) technology


    What's in the Box

    • QConnect Bluetooth Audio (roughly the size of a chocolate sandwich cookie)
    • 2.5mm-3.5mm Cable
    • User Manual
    • USB charging cable
    • AC power adapter
    • Velcro Tabs


    Bluetooth Terms

    A2DP: The abbreviation for Advanced Audio
    Distribution Profile. A2DP allows CD-quality stereo
    music or audio to be sent (‘streamed’) from one
    device to another using Bluetooth instead of wires or

    Bluetooth: A wireless technology that uses short
    radio waves to exchange data between compatible
    devices over distances up to 33 feet.

    Connectable: A Bluetooth-enabled device in-range
    that will respond to another Bluetooth device and set
    up a connection.

    Connected: When a Bluetooth-enabled device is
    within range of another Bluetooth device and the two
    are communicating over the wireless Bluetooth link.

    Discoverable: A Bluetooth-enabled device that
    other Bluetooth devices can detect (‘discover’), pair
    to or connect to.

    EDR: The abbreviation for Enhanced Data Rate.
    EDR technology provides a faster data rate
    (speed) for seamless synchronization of sound
    and video.

    Pairing: The process of creating a persistent link
    between two Bluetooth-enabled devices. This
    only occurs once; future connections between the
    two devices are made (authenticated)

    Profile: A specification of Bluetooth wireless
    communication between devices. In order to use
    Bluetooth technology to connect two devices, they
    must both be compatible with the same Bluetooth
    profile. The QLinkTV’s Bluetooth profile is A2DP.

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