Griffin TruTone™ ElectroLarynx

Griffin TruTone ElectroLarynx K101

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    Griffin Laboratories TruTone™ Electrolarynx K101

    The TruTone™ speech aid is an electronic speech aid, also known as an artificial larynx or electrolarynx.

    The TruTone™ Electrolarynx is the only electronic speech aid with tone control in a single button. It has the widest tonal range available in an electrolarynx -- bar none! It has the best sound quality available in a neck type artificial larynx.

    The standard TruTone™ Electrolarynx Kit comes with the following:

    • 9-volt battery charger
    • Two standard 9-volt rechargeable batteries
    • Oral Adapter with straws
    • Griffin Laboratories Tone-Adjustment Screwdriver
    • "Extra-Sharp" Sound Cap for a sharper sound
    • Instructional DVD
    • Instruction Manual


    • Uses convenient 9 Volt Batteries-- this is critical for emergency situations
    • Smallest 9 volt speech aid available. Light weight--only 4.5 ounces
    • Unmatched Durability and Reliability
    • 5-Year Warranty! ****
    • 2-Year "Drop & Soak" Coverage ****
    • NEW!!! HandsFree™ Electrolarynx Holder Available!!!
    • Made in the USA

    At Last, Variable Pitch Control!
    As a laryngectomee, you know how important communication can be. The ability to add expression and emotion has long been recognized as a key to "natural" speech. Now, Griffin Laboratories, through the TruTone™ electronic speech aid, has developed a natural solution which will bring personality back into your voice.

    Using new technology (U.S. patent secured), the TruTone™ speech aid lets you fluctuate the pitch of your voice using a single pressure sensitive button. Because you keep your thumb in one place, the TruTone™ speech aid is extremely easy to operate, almost instinctual. You can immediately start speaking with natural intonation once again.

    Powerful design for High Volume range
    Now you can be heard in a crowded room! Using internal advances, Griffin Laboratories has been able to create a speech aid with the best volume range available today. Be free to set your speech aid at the high-volume range when speaking with a group. Reduce volume for normal speaking situations and take advantage of highly efficient circuitry.


    • The best sound quality available.
    • A single pressure sensitive button, for smooth and natural voice intonation.
    • User friendly controls.
    • Wide frequency range.
    • Powerful volume range.
    • Energy efficient design for extended battery life.
    • Independence through 9 volt batteries.
    • Light Weight and small size.
    • Durable impact resistant materials.
    • Well crafted for years of quality service.

    Discover Independence!

    Independence is the key behind the Griffin Laboratories TruTone™ speech aid. Your speech aid adjusts to your lifestyle. All design aspects are focused on making your life easier -- more natural.

    The TruTone™ speech aid is easy to operate while incorporating the highest level of performance available today. Operating on conveniently available 9 volt batteries, the TruTone™ speech aid is especially suited for traveling or spending hours away from home.

    Ultimate Durability
    Quality and durability were designed into this lightweight device that will fit in the palm of your hand. Housed in the same material used in bullet proof glass, the TruTone™ speech aid is highly impact and scratch resistant. Furthermore, internal components were carefully chosen and designed. Attention was placed on both performance and the ability to withstand extreme use--naturally.

    Limited Warranty Information
    The TruTone™ Electrolarynx comes with a 5 year limited manufacturer's warranty! This includes coverage of manufacturer defects and "normal wear" as determined by Griffin Laboratories.****

    The first 2 years of this warranty also includes our outstanding "Drop & Soak" coverage. "Drop & Soak" coverage includes accidental damage within the USA, and includes total replacement up to twice at the manufacturer's discretion.****
    The TruTone™ speech aid's outstanding warranty is a reflection of the hard work put into making the TruTone™ Electrolarynx the most reliable speech aid on the market.

    This warranty is not valid outside the United States and Canada. Registration is required for warranty service.

    **** 5-year limited warranty applies only to manufacturers defects and "normal wear" as determined by the manufacturer, and only if the warranty return card is fully filled out and mailed within 30 days of purchase. The first two years include "Drop & Soak" coverage which includes accidental damage within the USA, with total replacement up to twice at the manufacturers discretion. Loss is not covered, and disassembly voids all warranties.

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