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Guardian Alert 911

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    Guardian Alert 911

    No Monitoring Fees, Service Charges or Contracts ever!

    Talk Directly through your pendant to a 911 emergency operator at the push of a button.

    The Guardian Alert 911 system is a set - a base station which plugs into the phone jack - and a pendant which is worn by the user.

    The system can operate anywhere in and around the home - with the base station plugged into a phone jack in the central part of the home.

    The Pendant runs up to a year on a AAA alkaline battery (included). The pendant is splash resistant so it can even be taken into the shower. The Test Button on the bottom of the unit gives an audible confirmation of battery condition. Hold the Test Button in an extra few seconds - and you can confirm that the full system is working.

    Optional Accessories:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why did you create Guardian Alert 911?
    We created this product because of the great need of loved ones or a disabled person to be able to instantly contact a 911 operator in the event of an emergency. These individuals want to lead more independent and safer lives. Countless accidents and deaths occur every year that could have been prevented if 911 was able to be reached quickly.

    How does Guardian Alert 911work?
    It is very simple. You just push the blue button on the wearable pendant and you can speak directly to a 911 operator from anywhere in or around the home. You do not need to use your regular telephone.

    Does Guardian Alert 911 use Cellular Service?
    No! The Guardian Alert 911 uses your home phone line.

    Do you have to be near a base station for 911 to hear you?
    No! Because the Guardian Alert 911 is the world’s smallest cordless speakerphone, you can speak directly to an operator instantly from anywhere in or around the home. This is the only product that allows you to speak from ANYWHERE in and around your home. The pendant range is up to 600 feet in a free-space environment! It will cover large homes and even a short distance outside your home.

    Are there any monthly charges or contracts?
    Absolutely Not! There are no monthly charges, no monitoring fees, no contracts, ever. You purchase the Guardian Alert 911 and it is yours to keep and use forever.

    What happens if I am unable to speak?
    If you are unable to speak, the Guardian Alert 911 can still give the 911 operator your location by utilizing the caller ID function. Because of this “enhanced 911” system, you can feel even safer that your location is known even before you speak.

    How do I install Guardian Alert 911?
    Just plug it into your existing phone jack.

    Is Guardian Alert 911 legal to use?
    Yes! The Guardian Alert 911 is completely legal to use in all 50 states and Canada.

    Is Guardian Alert approved by NENA?
    NENA (National Emergency Number Association – a group that supports 9-1-1) does not approve products. But, as you can see from our NENA letter in the Testimony tab of this website, NENA does acknowledge and accept that this type of product with an emergency button with the two-way voice right at the pendant is a legitimate approach for emergency dialing.

    Does Guardian Alert 911 use a battery?
    Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 uses a standard AAA alkaline battery, which is included. The battery life is one-year and it can be tested at any time with the test button on the bottom of the pendant.

    How can I deal with power outages?
    You can purchase our optional Battery Back-up unit (#30912) which will provide over 24 hours of back-up protection. It simply plugs between the wall and the base unit.

    Is Guardian Alert 911 water resistant?
    Yes, the Guardian Alert 911 can be used in the shower even though we don’t recommend it as a normal practice. Place the pendant low, just outside of the shower or bath so it can be easily reached in an emergency.

    What is the warranty on Guardian Alert 911?
    One Year Limited Warranty

    VoIP Systems: Special Note If Your Phone System is VoIP: Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a telephone service that sends your call over the Internet instead of through the regular telephone system. This may seem minor, but the differences with VoIP are great when it comes to 911 service.

    Traditional phone lines physically connect a specific location to the phone company - so when you call 911 the phone company can report to the 911 center exactly where you are located. When 911 services are offered by a VoIP provider the VoIP system will report your registered address to the 911 center. Due to the nature of the internet, the VoIP provider does not know the physical location the phone service is being provided to - only the registered address which is typically the billing address. As a result, with VoIP it is sometimes possible for a 911 center to dispatch help to the wrong address, particularly if you have moved without updating the provider.

    Because of this, in all cases where VoIP is used we recommend calling the VoIP provider to ensure that both 911 service is available to you, and that your current physical address is on file with the provider so that help will be dispatched to the correct location.

    If you are unsure if your phone system uses VoIP, or to find if it is capable of calling 911, please contact your telephone service provider.

    Installing Guardian 911 on VoIP Systems: Many VoIP services, such as Vonage, use a special internet adapter. This adapter typically has a phone jack on it into which a regular phone is connected. The Guardian 911 will connect to the adapters jack in place of the regular phone jack in your house.

    Some VoIP systems, such as Verizon's FIOS, are seamlessly integrated into regular phone jacks, completely replacing traditional phone service. This allows you to connect the Guardian Alert 911 to your existing phone jack as described in this manual, and no special connections will be required.

    Other VoIP systems use special computer software/headsets, or sometimes a special phone which connects directly to the USB port of a computer. Unfortunately, Guardian Alert 911 will not work with software or USB systems unless a provision for connecting a regular phone is also provided.

    In general, if your VoIP system can utilize a regular phone then the Guardian Alert 911 will work just fine. However, if you have both a working traditional phone line AND a VoIP phone system we recommend connecting the Guardian Alert 911 system to the traditional phone system


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