TV Ears Wireless Speaker System

TV Ears Wireless Speaker System

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    TV Ears® Wireless Speaker System

    Do you have trouble hearing the dialog clearly on TV?

    If you’ve ever struggled to understand the voices on your favorite television programs, you know that simply turning up the volume isn’t the answer. Increasing the volume also increases the background noises and can be unpleasant for others in the room.

    The TV Ears Wireless Speaker System brings TV dialog to you.
    The TV Ears Wireless Speaker System was engineered to pick up and clarify certain television frequencies, specifically those produced by the human voice. In other words, the TV Ears Wireless Speaker wasn’t invented to make the sound on your television louder -it was invented to make the dialog clearer. So you can actually "turn down" the overall volume and still understand each word.

    Proprietary technology makes it possible.
    The TV Ears Wireless Speaker System utilizes Voice Clarifying Circuitry, VCC, which automatically increases the volume of hard-to-hear words and lowers the volume of overwhelming background sounds so television dialog is clear and understandable. This is accomplished through a special micro chip that monitors words and sounds and instantaneously adjusts volume up or down based upon frequency so background sounds stay in the background and hard-to-hear words jump out.

    TV viewing becomes more enjoyable for everyone.
    One of the first things you‘ll notice is that everyone in the whole room will enjoy television viewing more with the TV Ears Wireless Speaker System. You won’t be frustrated by garbled words on the TV and no one else will be annoyed by louder volume that really isn’t helping. In fact, because it’s wireless, you can place your TV Ears Wireless Speaker anywhere in the room.

    Easy to set up and use.
    You’ll be enjoying your television more than ever within minutes of taking your TV Ears Wireless Speaker out of the box. Just plug the wireless transmitter into your television, place the speaker wherever you wish and plug it into any standard outlet.

    The wireless speaker works independently from your TV's speakers so you can adjust or mute your TV's speakers while you turn up the wireless speaker volume to your liking. 

    You will love the sleek, low-profile design with its large volume control knob, headphone jack and auxiliary input. You can also plug any standard headset into the headset jack conveniently located on the front of your TV Ears Wireless Speaker, and mute your television for totally private viewing and listening pleasure.

    You can also use the included 3 foot audio wire to use the aux-in jack to listen to your favorite music from your mp3 player.

    Voice Clarifying Circuitry
    The proprietary “Voice Clarifying Circuitry” found in every TV Ears product manipulates the high frequency sounds so that hard-to-hear words and whispers “jump out” making television dialog easier to understand.


    • Works on any TV
    • Completely wireless!!
    • Easy to use 1 dial design
    • Durable and Stylish
    • TV Ears Technology
    • Dual Headphone Jacks for Private Listening
    • 50 ft transmission range
    • Use with your favorite music player
    • 90 Day Warranty
    • Lifetime Service Guarantee
    • 90 decibels of Output

    System Includes:

    • TV Ears TV Speaker
    • Speaker AC Adapter
    • Transmitter
    • Transmitter AC Adapter
    • 10 ft Analog (RCA) Audio Cord
    • 10 ft Digital (Optical) Audio Cord
    • 3 ft Music Auxiliary Cord


    • 11” L x 6 1/2 ” W x 4 1/4” H


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