Xtreme Technologies XT-BTTN

Xtreme Technologies XT-BTTN

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    Xtreme Technologies XT-BTTN

    XLink BTTN Cellular Bluetooth Gateway

    Connect THREE Cell Phones and a Standard Telephone Source to your Regular Phones.

    If you have cell phones and a land line or a VOIP line and have regular telephones throughout your home or office then you need the XLink BTTN.

    The XLink BTTN connects up to three cell phones to regular corded or cordless telephones. It also has a standard telephone line input so that you can connect a land line or a VOIP adapter to it as well. All four telephone sources can now be accessed from regular telephones through the XLink.

    The XLink BTTN allows you to use your cell phone through your regular home telephones. It has all the same features at the XLink BT and also has an additional telephone line input. This input can be used to connect to a regular telephone service or a VOIP box. Once setup all your telephone sources: cellular, landline or VOIP will all ring through to your regular telephones.

    Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the XLink BTTN communicates wirelessly with your cell phones. There are NO extra cables to buy. Whenever your cell phones are placed within range, the XLink BTTN will automatically connect to them.

    The telephone connector output of the XLink works the same as a telephone line from the phone company. You can connect any standard telephone equipment to it. This includes telephones and answering machines. You can even connect it to office phones systems. The telephone input connector of the XLink BTTN is that same as any telephone. You can connect any analog telephone source to it. This includes the standard phone line from the phone company or a source such as VOIP adapters.


    • XLink Cellular Bluetooth Gateway
    • Answer cell phone calls on the home phone
    • Connects up to three cell phones to regular corded phones
    • Same features as XT-BT with an additional telephone line input
    • Includes standard telephone line input so that a land line or VoIP adapter can be connected to it as well
    • Wireless - when cell phones are placed within range, the XLink automatically connects to them
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