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Artone 3MAX Bluetooth Neckloop and Mic Combo
World's strongest streamer. Artone 3 MAX enables crystal clear sound transmission for hearing aid and implant users during mobile phone conversations and music/audio streaming. 

Compatible with any hearing aid or implant equipped T-Coil, suitable even for severe hearing loss.

  • Wireless streamer
  • Compatible with any brand of hearing aid or implant equipped with T-Coil and with any Bluetooth mobile phone or music/audio player
  • Crystal clear sound without any interference directly into your hearing aid or implant
  • Loud and clear mobile phone conversation: creates a link from your Bluetooth phone into your hearing aid or implant
  • Music streaming from iPhone, iPad, iPod, any Bluetooth music device directly into the hearing aid or implant


Artone Mic
Wireless microphone for clear speech understanding in situations of high ambient noise and over distance.

Compatible with Artone 3 MAX wireless streamer, suitable for any hearing aid or implant equipped with T-Coil.

  • Perfect solution for class room, business meetings, lectures, conferences, social gatherings.
  • Clear speech in high ambient noise.
  • Perfect speech understanding over distance.
  • Sensitivity control to adjust one-on-one conversation or multiple persons conversation.
  • Up to 6 hours work time.
  • Compatible with Artone wireless streamers.
  • Wireless range: 40 feet.
  • Picks up sounds from 2 inch up to 5 feet.

Artone 3MAXC Bluetooth Neckloop & Mic Combo

Artone CS

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