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Artone TVB

Television transmitter that enables clear sound transmission from your television, directly into the hearing aid or implant, without any surrounding noise or interference. Hear every word from the TV loud and clear in your hearing aid or implant, while others continue listening to the TV speaker at their hearing level. Compatible with Artone wireless streamer and any hearing aid or implant equipped with T-Coil.

  • TV transmitter, compatible with Artone wireless streamers.
  • Clear sound from your TV directly into your hearing aid or implant.
  • Amplifies the TV into the hearing aid, while others can listen to the TV at their regular hearing level.
  • Loud and clear sound, no interference, perfect speech understanding.
  • Compatible with any television.

NOTE: This is not a stand-alone product.  It will only work when paired with the Artone 3MAX Bluetooth Neckloop.

Artone TVB

Artone CS

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