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Bellman Audio Maxi BE8024-PKG1

For easy handling

Package 1 includes the Maxi with a pair of high sensitivity stereo headphones. Maxi headphones are specifically selected to deliver optimum sound and feedback reduction.

The Maxi is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations. Maxi is developed especially for people who prefer an easy-to-use device with large tactile controls and clear indications. Maxi is intuitively user-friendly and has superior sound quality.

Outstanding sound. Maxi delivers the clear and crisp digital sound that you deserve. It fully exploits the advantages of digital technology to clarify speech and reduce annoying background noise and feedback - all to give you an outstanding sound quality. Thanks to a unique microphone suspension, Maxi's ultra-sensitive microphone is effectively protected from handling noise. This guarantees hours of comfortable and noise-free listening.

Easy to handle. Bellman Audio Maxi has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind. The unique design makes Maxi practically intuitive to use. All common functions can be accessed using a single push on a button and there are no complicated menus to get lost in. Unparalleled ergonomics combined with high contrast colouring, large tactile buttons and soft grip materials, makes Maxi the ideal companion for hearing impaired people that demand flexibility, quality and ease of use.


Noise cancellation
Operates in frequency-domain and uses ten channels to continuously analyse and attenuate stationary noise. The dynamic range compressor operates in the frequency-domain and is implemented as 10 channels, logarithmically.

Each channel has individual attack/decay, expansion, compression and saturation distance parameters, which have been trimmed to reduce microphone noise, emphasise speech or other interesting information and still offer a natural sound.

The personal amplifier should not need individual fitting nor user selectable programs, which means that the parameter settings have been preset from factory.

Feedback cancellation
The feedback cancellation operates in the time-domain by continuously analysing the signal to detect pure tone within a certain frequency range, since they may indicate a build-up of feedback.

The adaptive algorithm estimates the feedback potential (path) of the amplifier and can accurately (in magnitude and phase) iliminate the feedback cause even before the whistling occurs.

The algorithm reacts quickly to any change in the feedback path-caused by moving. Feedback cancellation works for different positions of the headphones (near the amplifier as well as away from it).

The feedback cancellation provides the user with 10 dB additional gain, which is beneficial when using open type headphones (or other open fitting transducers).

Battery level supervision
The supervision of the battery voltage level is continuously operating in the background, making one measurement every 10th second.

The result of the measurement is presented to the user by means of the Low Battery indicator (Amber LED). The battery supervision indicates a Battery Low condition when the estimated remaining battery time is around 10 hours.

When the battery is almost depleted the battery supervision shuts down the amplifier in an controlled manner, to avoid unpleasant sounds or malfunction due to abrupt power loss. The amplifier notifies the user about this action by three quick consecutive flashes of the Low Battery indicator before it shuts down.

The Bellman Audio Maxi includes a Two-Year Warranty.

One year warranty for the Maxi Neckloop and 90-Day Warranty for all other accessories (i.e. headphone, earphone).

Bellman Audio Maxi Digital Communicator - Pkg 1 - Headphones

Bellman & Symfon

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