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Clarity XLC8GLT Deluxe VCO w/LVD

Amplified Cordless Phone VCO w/LVD

Use the XLC8 cordless phone to amplify your call.  Look down at the VCO-LVD captioning tablet to see your complete captioned conversation in real time.  Low vision users can increase the text size to a full 58 Point font size.

There’s no additional cost for this service. It is 100% FREE.  Plus, there's no internet connection required!

  • 11.6” Display with 58 Point Font Size
  • Android tablet with captioning cables
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 50 dB
  • Four (4) tone settings
  • Slow Speech Feature
  • Answering Machine with slow playback
  • Caller ID screen with Talking Caller ID
  • Large backlit buttons that speak the digit that is dialed
  • Extra loud speakerphone
  • Loud ringer with adjustable tones
  • Super bright visual ringer

Clarity XLC8GLT Deluxe VCO w/LVD


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