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Clarity XLC8GLT Deluxe

Teltex Deluxe GLT Captioning Tablet with XLC8 Amplified Cordless Phone

Use the XLC8 cordless phone to amplify your call.  Look down at the captioning tablet to see your complete captioned conversation in real time.

There’s no additional cost for this service. It is 100% FREE.  Plus, there's no internet connection required!

Clarity XLC8

  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 50 dB
  • Amplifies outgoing speech up to 15 dB
  • Slow Speech Feature
  • Answering Machine with slow playback
  • Caller ID screen with Talking Caller ID
  • Loud ringer with adjustable tones
  • Super bright visual ringer
  • Battery powered backup

Deluxe Captioning Tablet

  • Large Android tablet w/adjustable font size
  • Includes all power supplies and cables
  • Tablet stand
  • Detailed setup instructions

Sell Sheet

XLC8-GLT Deluxe Setup Tutorial

Clarity XLC8GLT Deluxe


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