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Emergency Communications Kit by Teltex

A portable, drop-in solution solution for accessible communications. Check out the video below for more info!

Emergency Communications Kit - Introduction

Kit Includes

  • Rugged, waterproof, wheeled carrying case
  • Commercial-grade WiFi Router with Cellular LTE Capability
  • iPad in Heavy-duty Case
  • Telephone amplifier
  • Tabletop loop system
  • Personal amplifier/listening device with Headphones
  • Headphone sanitary covers/booties
  • Push button, tactile, vibrating Paging System (x2)
  • Cell Phone Amplifier
  • GLT Tablet
  • Mini Router with Device Reset Capability
  • Lighted Magnifier
  • Measuring tape

Emergency Communications Kit


Please Contact Us for More Information - 888-515-8120

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