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ActiVocal Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Dialer

ActiVocal Vocally 3 Freedom Voice Dialer



Vocally Freedom
For repetitive re-dialing of 60 stored numbers.

A voice-activated dialer, this device turns any landline telephone into a voice-activated telephone. Tens of thousands of units have been sold, a sure indicator of its great success in aiding the visually impaired, those with limited mobility, and the elderly. The simple plug and play device, sold at an affordable price, has become a sensation that simplifies life for people with different types of impairment, allowing them full communication without the need to press buttons, enter numbers, or hold a telephone receiver.

• Stores and dials up to 60 phone entries.
• Each stored number can be up to 35 digits long.
• Very simple and easy to use.
• Does not interfere with regular line & phone use
• Very fast dialing with no mistakes
• Works with any phone
• Recognizes any language, tone and accent
• Interactive voice menu
• State of the art voice recognition technology
• Stored names playback
• Small size and elegant
• FCC parts 15 & 68 approved.
• High-quality name recording and playback.
• Missing-line detection and audio warning.
• Menu-based microphone sensitivity setting (headset/speakerphone).
• A prefix digit and delay can be easily added or removed from all numbers (at once) to enable, and wait for, outside line access.
• During a call, voice dialing can be activated again. This feature enables you to use the dialer in online banking services, etc.
• Remote online support using the telephone line.
• Menu-based language selection.
• Menu-based mode change to allow Vocally to work independently or coupled to a speaker phone, like the Serene RCx-1000, for a totally hands-free telephone system.


Vocally 3 Freedom User Guide