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Comfort Contego Basic Courtroom System

Comfort Contego Basic Courtroom System

Comfort Contego HD Courtroom Listening System
Everyone has the Right to a Fair Hearing
ADA requirements and fairness doctrines stipulate that anyone attending a Court session should be able to hear clearly and participate fully. Reality however indicates otherwise. And you do not have to be hard of hearing to find the acoustics lacking.
Jurors, Defendants, Lawyers, Interpreters, Reporters and the Public
Poor acoustics and a crowded, noisy room can severely interfere with our rights to fully hear and understand proceedings at the Court. And with 1 in 10 Americans suffering from hearing loss, the need for effective sound amplification and noise reducing equipment exists in every courtroom.
Basic System
Comfort Contego HD Courtroom Listening System is a High Definition digital wireless FM system that transmits encrypted over secure channels. The basic
system consists of a Transmitter that can send to one or more Receivers.
The lightweight units, each about 2 oz., have built-in zoom microphones that can be adjusted remotely from each receiver for maximum sound customization.
Comfort Contego, Made for the Hard of Hearing
Comfort Contego provides high definition digital sound over multiple secure channels. The HD sound is based on Comfort Audio?s unique digital signal processing technology.
It filters out background noise, and delivers crisp, audible sound from afar. Use with or without hearing aids. The Comfort Contego is FCC and CE approved and follows mandated guidelines by ADA to accommodate individuals with hearing problems.
Expandable System
With no wires or any other installation, the system is preeminently portable, within the courtroom, or the Court system. The portability, secure transmissions, multiple channels and additional transmitters and receivers presents a very flexible and expandable system for many needs in a courtroom.
Client - Attorney Confidentiality
A client-attorney team can have private conversations, while a second transmitter can provide access for others to the general proceedings in the room. Encrypted signals ensure no one can eavesdrop on the proceedings.
Court Interpreters
Any number of interpreters can translate in multiple languages, each transmitting on a separate, secure channel.
Court Reporters
The Court Reporter's job is to be a quiet fly on the wall, and to accurately record every word of the proceedings. Poorly delivered comments and a noisy room can cause even those with normal hearing to miss key words. With the Comfort Contego, noise is filtered out, and speech becomes clear and audible.
The Basic Comfort Contego Courtroom Listening System includes:
  • 1 Contego Transmitter
  • 3 Contego Receivers
  • 3 Headphones
  • 3 Neckloops
  • 1 Sound Kit/Audio Cable
  • 2 Charge Units
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 High-Impact, Lockable Aluminum Case
The Basic System is expandable with additional units and accessories.
Digital Wireless System
Contego's Digital system provides crystal clear clarity under a variety of conditions.
Total Security
Contego transmitter and receiver are automatically "paired" to provide secure, coded transmission.
Custom Sound
No two sound situations are alike, Contego provides maximum flexibilty in all situations. Both the transmitter and receiver are equipped with internal microphones which can be adjusted for omni or directional use with remote volume adjustment.
Easy to Use
Contego is small, light and can be used most anywhere. The easy to read LCDmenu provides a clear system for settings and adjustments insuring quick setup.
Modern Design
Contego features a smart and discreet contemporary appearance designed for functionally, form and discretion.
Maximum Functionality
Contego is the basis for a total sound solution for the hearing impaired using a headset or for "T" coil equipped hearing aid users using an optional neckloop. Using a wide range of optional accessories Contego can be linked to a television, sound system or other sound source.
Environmentally Friendly
Contego uses environmentally friendly, Li-Ion rechargeable batteries which do not exhibit the memory effect and subsequent shortened life of other rechargeable batteries.
2-Year Manufacturers Warranty
Warranty only applies to the Contego Transmitter and Receiver. The warranty Does Not apply to Power Supply, Headphones, Earphones, Sound Kit, Carry Bag. These parts carry a 30-Day Warranty.
  • Transmitter: Digital modulation with encryption.
  • Range: Seventy five (75) feet.
  • Size: 0.87 x 1.77 x 3.86 inches
  • Weight: Weight: 2.1 oz.
  • Antenna: Built in.
  • Channels: 38.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion.
  • Charging time: Four (4) hours.
  • Operating time: Sixteen (16) hours.
  • Microphones: Built in - directional and omni-directional.
  • Frequency range: 904-926 MHz.
  • Input: Line in/Microphone.
  • Max Output: <130 dB SPL
  • Max Gain: <50 dB


SKU: CFA-F00126

Brand: Comfort Audio