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Geemarc CL1

Geemarc CL1





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Geemarc CL1
Loud Telephone Ring Signaler

The Geemarc CL1 is a loud telephone ring signaler that can easily be installed in any home where a telephone line and electrical outlet are present.
Simply connect the adapter to an electrical outlet and insert the telephone from the CL1 into the telephone wall jack and any incoming telephone rings will be amplified.
You have the option of adjusting the ringer volume, ringer style (pattern) and activating the strobe light.  Use both strobe light and loud ringer for the most effective notification.  No telephone is required; just an active telephone line and electricity.
Expand the CL1 by adding the optional Shaker which can be placed in the pillow case or between a bed box springs and mattress for an additional alerting option.
  • Telephone Ring Indicator and Flasher Product
  • Telephone ringer alarm
  • Extra loud ringer(up to 95dB)
  • Tone & Volume control
  • 4 alarm options: Off, Flash+Alarm, Flash+Shaker, Alarm+Shaker
  • Wall Mountable Strobe Flasher
  • CL1 Shaker (optional)


Brand: Geemarc