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Global Assistive VL300V-WB

Global Assistive VL300V-WB


User Guide

Global Assistive VL300V-WB

VIBRATION WATCH with Auto-Reset Countdown Timer.

Great for Private and Confidential Reminders!

The vibration on your wrist from VibraLITE3 will remind you to do any important thing without annoying others. What's really great is that you don't have to hear the alarm to know that it's signalling you.

This watch is especially nice for pilots, students (taking exams), and of course the deaf and hard of hearing. Since the watch also features an Auto Reload Countdown Timer, it can be the ideal answer for those who need reminding of times to take medicine, scheduled daily activities and more.

The VibraLITE3 watch is made to the same high standards as Global's other devices such as Bed Shakers, Telephone Ring Signalers, Extra Loud Alarm Clocks, Alarm Clocks with jacks for Bed Shaker or Strobe Light, Door Knock Signalers, and other unique products.

VibraLITE3 is ideal for noisy environments.

Reminders from VibraLITE3 are especially helpful for:

• Medical Conditions/Medication Reminders
• Time Management
• Timing Procedures, Tests or Presentations
• Self Regulation/Keeping Focused
• Noisy Environments
• Great as a Travel Alarm
• Any time you don't want to disturb others

The uses are endless!

VibraLITE3 features:

• Vibration Alarm - (auto-shutoff after approx. 20 sec.)
• Auto Repeat Countdown Timer
Will automatically reload to preset countdowntime. Can be set for seconds, minutes and hours. Use for reminders.
• Electro-Luminescent Back Light with Auto ON option
Bright blue EL light turns on by tilting your wrist
• Second Clock for Second Time Zone
• 12 or 24 Hour Clock Choice
• Date Display
• Stop Watch
• Two Alarm Settings
• Chime Option for Alarms
• Hourly Alert Option
• Water Resistant
• Stainless Steel Back
• One Year Warranty


Brand: Global Assistive