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HATIS - Director I (Single)

HATIS - Director I (Single)



HATIS Director I (Monural-Single)

  • Unlike silhouettes, the HATIS earpiece has a solid cable connection, which means no more loose connections and greater sound quality
  • Eliminates buzzing, distortion, and feedback
  • Make phone calls hands-free from feather-light headset
  • Compatible with virtually all cellular, cordless, and landline telephones as well as digital hearing aids with T-coils
  • Powerful boom microphone
  • Earpiece is left or right ear compatible for maximum flexibility
  • Patented induction coupler
  • No batteries or fitting required

HATIS Corporation understands the unique difficulties faced by the hearing-impaired business professional. That is why the HATIS Director was developed. It is the ultimate solution designed specifically for working professionals with hearing aids. The Director headset, once connected to an office telephone in conjunction with the Plantronics M-22 amplifier, or directly into a cellular or cordless telephone, provides working professionals with:

Clarity due to its "sound" design, the Director headset eliminates noise, distortion, and feedback, allowing the hearing aid to operate more efficiently and typically at a lower, more comfortable volume.

Comfort unlike standard headsets, the Director rests against the user"s cheekbone, preventing physical discomfort typically occurring with traditional headsets that rest directly on the user"s hearing aid. This cheekbone positioning eliminates the ear-related pain felt by many hearing aid users who must also wear a headset at work.

Freedom the hands-free design of the Director headset allows you to multi-task and increase productivity.

Powerful Boom Microphone this advanced noise cancellation technology provides you with the highest level of voice transmission available.

Advanced Technology HATIS developed the Director with a patented induction coupler providing the strongest sound transmission to T-coil equipped hearing aids available; the Director also includes gold leads, which produce the cleanest sound transmission from the Director to your hearing aid.

Complete Compatibility the standard 2.5 mm jack allows the Director to be used in the office, at home, or with cell phones.

Note: Our 30-Day Return Policy does not apply to the HATIS product line. HATIS products have a 6 Month Warranty against defects only.


Brand: HATIS