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HATIS - Epic II (Binaural-Dual)

HATIS - Epic II (Binaural-Dual)


HATIS - Epic II (Binaural-Dual)

  • Unlike silhouettes, the HATIS earpiece has a solid cable connection, which means no more loose connections and greater sound quality.
  • Listen to your favorite music or TV show
  • Eliminates buzzing, distortion, and feedback
  • Gold leads for clean, pure sound transmission
  • Patented induction coupler
  • No batteries required

Not being able to hear a favorite CD or even the local news with concise clarity can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, HATIS has developed a solution designed specifically for these needs-the Epic. The Epic drives a streamlined, clear sound to T-coil-equipped hearing aids using a patented induction coupler. The Epic provides you with:

Feelings – Let the Epic change your life. Experience the sound of music with feelings you"ve never felt before-feel the bass, the high strings, and brass. Live your music. An Epic feeling. An Epic moment.

Use it Anywhere – Plug the Epic into any CD/MP3 player, television set, stereo, computer, radio, and virtually any other audio device to experience music and sound with a lucidity like never before.

Clarity – Due to its "sound" design, the Epic eliminates noise, distortion, and feedback, allowing you to avoid turning up the volume.

Comfort – Unlike standard headphones, the Epic is two, feather-light, wafer-thin earpieces that fit comfortably and discreetly behind your ear, preventing physical discomfort typically occurring with traditional devices that press painfully against your hearing aids or ear molds. 

Advanced Technology – HATIS developed the Epic with a patented induction coupler providing the strongest sound transmission available to T-coil-equipped hearing aids; the Epic also includes gold leads, which produce the cleanest sound transmission, similar to a premium stereo system. 

Subtlety – The Epic's sleek design allows you to lead an active life, whether it"s jogging and listening to your favorite CD or relaxing at home with a good movie, the Epic provides the audio clarity you need to enjoy stereo sound like never before. 

Complete Compatibility – The standard 3.5 mm jack allows it to be used with most audio devices and home telephones. 

Note: Our 30-Day Return Policy does not apply to the HATIS product line. HATIS products have a 6 Month Warranty against defects only.




Brand: HATIS