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HATIS - Freedom Mach I (Monaural-Single)

HATIS - Freedom Mach I (Monaural-Single)

Unlike silhouettes, the HATIS earpiece has a solid cable connection, which means no more loose connections with enhanced sound quality.

  • Eliminates buzzing, distortion, and feedback
  • Make phone calls hands-free
  • Compatible with virtually all cellular telephones
  • Powerful in-line microphone
  • Feather-light headset
  • Patented induction coupler
  • Slips discreetly behind the ear
  • No batteries or fitting required

With the ever changing and always demanding communication needs faced by every hard-of-hearing person, the Freedom provides a versatile solution. The Freedom, available with both single and dual earpieces, provides the flexibility users need in Assistive Communications Technology (ACT) for both home and work environments with:

Clarity due to its "sound" design, the Freedom eliminates noise, distortion, and feedback, allowing you to avoid increasing turning up the volume.

Comfort unlike other devices, the Freedom is a feather-light (1/4 oz.), wafer-thin earpiece that fits comfortably and discreetly behind your ear, providing maximum comfort, not provided by traditional devices that rest directly on your hearing aid or with unsightly neck loops worn unsafely around your neck.

Dual Earpiece the Freedom Dual provides the enjoyment and added power of hearing the caller"s voice in both ears.

Freedom the hands-free design allows you to multi-task and increase productivity at home or work.

Powerful In-line Microphone advanced noise cancellation technology provides you with the highest level of voice transmission available.

Advanced Technology HATIS developed the Freedom with a patented induction coupler providing the strongest sound transmission to T-coil equipped hearing aids available; the Freedom also includes gold leads, which produce the cleanest sound transmission, similar to premium stereo systems.

Subtlety the sleek design allows you to look like anyone else using a hands-free cell phone.

Complete Compatibility the standard 2.5 mm jack allows it to be used in the office, at home, or with cell phones.

Note: Our 30-Day Return Policy does not apply to the HATIS product line. HATIS products have a 6 Month Warranty against defects only.


Brand: HATIS