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Sonic Alert DB100T/DB100TM

Sonic Alert DB100T/DB100TM

Sonic Alert DB100T
The DB100T/DB100TM is an "Additional" remote transmitter.  The DB100T/DB100TM MUST be used in conjunction with either the DB100 or DB200 systems.  The DB100T/DB100TM will not send signals directly to a Sonic Alert receiver without first reaching a DB100 or DB200 receiver.
The DB100T/DB100TM can be used as a push button doorbell to trigger additional Sonic Alert receivers. Use the BL-300 Sonic Blink as a strobe signaler or the DB100R to flash a lamp or choose an audible chime.

Other advanced features include: selectable number of flashes (5 or 10), different flash code for front door or rear door.
Also works with the DB200 system.


Brand: Sonic Alert