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Sonic Alert Glow Series SBW100MOSS

Sonic Alert Glow Series SBW100MOSS



Sonic Alert SBW100MOSS

Wake Better! Super Loud Alarms with the industries most powerful bed shakers!

Houston we have liftoff! Wake up your space lover with The Sonic Glow moonlight extra loud alarm clock with recordable alarm and Sonic Bomb bed shaker! This dual alarm clock has it all! Fall asleep to peaceful ambient sounds and the soft glow of the dimmable nightlight. Wake up to your choice of 3 pre-recorded alarms or have fun recording your own! The sonic glow Alarms can be turned up super loud for those who have trouble waking up. Wake with a shake with the Sonic Bomb bed shaker. The Sonic Bomb will wake even the heaviest sleeper or allow you to wake silently without waking the rest of the house. The sonic glow has a USB charging station and an AUX connection to play your favorite jams from your cell phone or MP3 player.


• Dimmable night light
• Powerful bed shaker
• Moon themed design
• Super Loud 113-dB adjustable alarms
• Dual Alarm Settings
• Recordable custom alarm option
• Programmable auto-off settings
• USB charging port
• AUX connection (music)
• Soothing ambient sounds to aid falling asleep

Glow Series Night Light Alarm Clocks


Brand: Sonic Alert