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Sonic Alert HA360DC

Sonic Alert HA360DC


See Replacement Item: Sonic Alert HA360SA

Sonic Alert HomeAware Dry Contact, Multifunctional Remote Transmitter - HA360DC

Connect the HA360DC to your Midland Weather Alert Radio* to be alerted through the HomeAware system.
You can also use it to connect to your door and window sensors (HA360DS) or for use with the HomeAware Motion Sensor (HA360DCMS).

Setting it Up
1. Download the FREE HomeAware app by Sonic Alert to your Apple Smartphone or 
    Download the FREE HomeAware app by Sonic Alert to your Android Smartphone.
2. Connect the HA360DC into the back of the weather alert radios External Alert Jack to be alerted during a weather event.
3. Connect the HA360DC into the magnetic sensor to detect a window or door being opened.

Notifications from Midland Weather Alert Radios
When the Midland Weather Alert radio is activated in a weather emergency the HA360DC remote transmitter sends a signal to the HA360 Main Unit and alerts you to weather events with flashing lights, loud alarm and vibration.
If you have other receivers connected to your HomeAware Alerting System, they will be activated as well.

Transmitter Alerts
Whenever a transmitter in the HomeAware Alerting System is activated by an event, like the doorbell, baby crying or a weather event an alert will pop up on your Smartphone.

*Compatible with Midland Weather Alert Radios that support an External Alert Jack like the WR120, WR300 and W400 series radios. 

**Requires the Sonic Alert HomeAware System to operate.


HA360DC User Guide

Brand: Sonic Alert