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Sonic Alert HA360M

Sonic Alert HA360M



Sonic Alert HomeAware Telephone Ring Signaler - Master Unit HA360M

Trouble hearing the phone ring?  Not anymore!

The HomeAware Telephone Ring Signaler transmits a super loud 110 dB audible alert and flashes an extra bright strobe light when you receive a phone call.
Simply plug your phone into the back of the unit.

Additional Benefits:

  • Doubles as a super reliable, extra loud, dual Alarm clock.
  • Specially designed to keep the deaf and hard of hearing connected to their homes and to keep them safe.
  • Expandable to include many important notifications to keep you safe and aware. Choose to be alerted to doorbells, babies crying, dogs barking, weather alerts, mobile phone calls, text messages, emails and more.
  • The only system with an available smartphone app that will notify you of an event no matter where you are in and around your home.
  • Each additional receiver (purchased separately) can extend the systems range up to an additional 1,000 feet meaning the HomeAware can be used in the largest of homes.
  • Monitors itself to ensure that all the remote receivers are connected to the main unit. The main unit will notify you of low batteries as well as if any of the wireless links become broken.
  • Adding the HA360BU Sonic Bridge unit you can connect your legacy Sonic System remote receivers with the updated HomeAware system


  • Flashing strobe with scrolling alert messages on a bright red large 2 inch display
    Powerful bed shaker and adjustable alarm up to 110 dB
    Dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
    • Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware™ receivers
    • Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between
    Main Unit and transmitters
    • Caller ID for landline and videophone calls
    • Range up to 1,000 feet! Extend-able range with additional receivers
    • USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
    • Full battery backup

SKU: SA-HA360M2.1

Manuals & Brochures
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Brand: Sonic Alert