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VitaSound PAE-Talk

VitaSound PAE-Talk


Product Brochure

VitaSound PAE Talk™

The PAE-Talk™ Personal Audio Enhancer by VitaSound is a multi-functional audio enhancement device which allows users to benefit from improved sound quality in situations where background noise or low-volume levels make hearing difficult. Powered by the patented Neuro-Compensator® - a hearing technology based on leading-edge brain science - the PAE-Talk™ delivers clear, crisp and natural sound for everyday listening situations, like conversing in noisy environments, talking on the phone or listening to music.

3 Sound Modes

  • Personal Amplifier - Utilizing the microphone built into the VitaSound Earphones (included), the PAE-300 will amplify conversation with those around you.
  • Bluetooth System - Connect your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, mp3 player, or other device for wireless, amplified phone conversation or music/audio listening.
  • Relaxation - This unique system even includes a built-in sound machine. Choose from a variety of high-quality nature sounds for relaxing, meditating or even going to sleep.

Making Life Sound Better
Simply put, the PAE-Talk™ is the most sophisticated hearing enhancement product on the market today. Designed for those who suffer from situational hearing loss, the PAE-Talk™ helps people better hear and decipher sounds, in situations where background noise or low audio levels make hearing difficult.

What distinguishes the PAE-Talk™ from the competition is patented Neuro-Compensator® technology, a powerful hearing-engine which leverages leading-edge brain science and a digital algorithm to optimize incoming audio-frequencies, and provide users with a clear and natural listening experience. The PAE-Talk™ is the only product on the market to utilize this technology. All people are unique, and the same can be said for their listening preferences. Leveraging Neuro-Compensator®, the PAE-Talk™ boasts four distinct EQ modes, which are pre-programmed ‘hearing models’ that provide different degrees of audio enhancement. Users benefit from being able to choose the EQ mode which best matches their unique hearing requirements.

Color Options: Charcoal Gray or Royal Blue

In the Box:

  • Personal Audio Enhancer (handset) x1
  • Earphones with Microphone x1
  • Bag Case x1
  • A/C adaptor x1
  • User Manual x1

Key Features

  • Powerful digital signal processing technology and high quality electronics.
  • Patented Neuro-Compensator technology.
  • Four sound modes for different listening preferences.
  • Three selectable functions for different listening situations.
  • Sleek and light design with high-end earphones.
  • Digital noise reduction and feedback suppression.
  • Four volume settings selectable by a push button switch.
  • Compatible with all major smartphone brands.
  • Accessories available for purchase include: a neckloop, and headphones.


2.3" W x 4.3" H x 0.75" D
3.4 Ounces
Built in rechargeable lithium-ion, 2000 mAh
Operating time:
12 – 14 hours
Charging time:
4 – 5 hours
Built in microphone with the earphones.
Stereo audio source input:
3.5 mm stereo jack plug
Earphone socket:
3.5 mm stereo jack plu
Output signal frequency range: 
200 -16,000 Hz
Neural EQ modes: 
4 modes
Volume control:
8 steps (4 dB/step)
Output power: 
60 mW (16 ohm load)
Function mode: 
Separate function mode select buttons