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RealSAM Pocket

A revolutionary voice operated smartphone for people who are blind or visually impaired.

With RealSAM Pocket, you can make calls, communicate with messages, listen to books or other media and get assistance just by using your voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens, look for the apps that are hiding on a screen, or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap on the screen and talk.

What makes us different from other smartphones?

Easy to Use
Unlike other phones, there's no need to learn complex accessibility gestures, shuffle through small app icons or remember commands. RealSAM Pocket offers guidance on the go.

Voice Operated
Simply tap on the screen and say what you want the phone to do for you, such as "Call Ben," "Add a contact," "Where am I?" "Remind me to call the Dr" or "Find books by Jack London."

Hearing Aid Compatible
RealSAM Pocket can be connected to hearing aids and other Bluetooth devices. If you use, Phonak hearing aids, you can connect directly. For other Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you may need to use a streaming device.

Unlocked for any Mobile Carrier
RealSAM Pocket is completely unlocked and compatible with any US mobile carrier. You can choose whatever mobile carrier or plan that fits your needs.

What's included:

RealSAM Pocket Device
Everything is setup. All you need is to insert a SIM card or connect your RealSAM Pocket to WiFi.

Case, Screen Protector & Lanyard
A bumper case with a lanyard and a screen protector attached to the screen to keep your phone safe and always at hand.

Charger & Cable
A wall charging plug and USB cable.

SIM Card Tool
A small tool you'll need to open the slot and insert a SIM card from your preferred provider.

Key Features of RealSAM Pocket 
No need to learn complicated touch screens, struggle with reading small buttons or looking for apps; just tap on the screen and talk.


RealSAM - General Overview

RealSAM - Books, Podcasts, and More

RealSAM - Communication

RealSAM Pocket


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