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Easy to Use Reminders
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Reminder Rosie
Talking Alarm Clock and Reminder Assistant
Reminder Rosie is a fully voice activated and controlled Alarm Clock and Reminder Assistant. The Reminder Assistant feature allows you to hear important reminders throughout the day, recorded in your own voice. 
  • Exceptionally Easy-to-Use; program the time, alarms, and reminders completely by voice.
  • Record your own reminders and choose the frequency - one-time, daily, or only on certain days (i.e.- every Thursday).
  • Have Rosie tell you the time and date any time you ask.
  • Rosie's Reminders are perfect for medications, appointments, important calls or tasks, or anything else you might need help remembering.
  • Large LCD Display with selectable Hi/Low dimmer.
  • Selectable Hi/Low Volume
  • Battery backup system for power outages (requires 3-AAA batteries NOT included).


Reminder Rosie

Life Assistant Technologies

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