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SEREONIC TV SoundBox® Battery

Replacement Battery for the SEREONIC BT200 Wireless TV Speaker System with Bluetooth, Digital, and Analog Inputs

For the BT200 SEREONIC TV SoundBox® ONLY  Please check under the charging unit for your model number.

The completely redesigned SEREONIC TV SoundBox®, by Serene®, now features Bluetooth connectivity.

Tired of straining to hear your TV? The wireless TV SoundBox® brings natural, crystal clear, stereo TV sound right in front of you. You’ll get loud and clear sound, even if the sound on your TV is turned down or muted. 

No more muffled dialog, no more missing words and no more blaring volume. Plus, with the portable speaker design, you will still be able to hear other sounds in the room, like the doorbell or the phone ringing.


  • Portable, wireless speaker allows you to move it around the room or even into a different room
  • Connect to virtually any TV, new or old, with built-in Bluetooth®, Optical (Digital), and Analog connections
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (up to 8 hours listening time)
  • Transmitting base also serves as a charging dock
  • Voice clarifying technology makes TV dialogue clearer.
  • Volume control on the SoundBox, which works separately from the TV volume, allowing you to have the SoundBox turned up and the TV volume turned down or even muted
  • Optional connection for headphones (sold separately), enabling private listening
  • Adjustable tone control for tuning to your hearing



  • (1) Rechargeable Battery

Sereonic TV SoundBox® Lithium Ion Battery BT200

Serene Innovations

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