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SquareGlow Smart Flasher Home Kit

Contains everything you need to be alerted to the doorbell & phone/VP in 2 rooms, in addition to receiving alerts directly through your smartphone.

SquareGlow Smart WiFi HomeKit gives you a complete home doorbell and VP / phone alert system. The doorbell & phone transmitters send signals to the included flashing receivers when someone is at the door or calling you on your landline phone or videophone. It also pairs with the free SquareGlow iOS & Android apps, allowing you to control your system directly from - and receive notifications directly on - your smartphone!


  • The flasher/receiver remote control system works wirelessly up to 600 feet away
  • Pair with as many flashers, doorbells or any accessories with easy frequency code setting
  • Wi-Fi enabled & compatible with SquareGlow iOS & Android smartphone apps
  • Personal scenes & schedules are fully customizable in the app
  • Includes 2 receivers that can flash your choice of 7 customizable LED light colors in up to 2 rooms, plus notifies you directly through your smartphone!
  • Program different color lights to go off for different transmitters, so you always know where the signal is coming from.
  • 52 customizable ringtones with adjustable volume (up to 120dB)
  • Port for Micro USB Power


  • (2) Smart WiFi Flashers
  • (1) Doorbell
  • (1) Phone/VP Signaler
  • Mounting accessories

*Flashers require three AA batteries (not included).

SquareGlow™ Smart Flasher Home Kit


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