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SquareGlow Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is a versatile device that can function both as a receiver, detecting and providing live video footage, and as an accessory that can be added to any SG receivers.
It can be customized to suit your preferences without the need for third party support.

This smart video doorbell notifies Deaf & hard of hearing people to visitors & lets them see who's there! Pair it with SquareGlow receivers for flashing alerts throughout your home, and check your phone anytime to see a live video feed.


  • Compatible with SquareGlow receivers for flashing alerts throughout the home
  • Works with SquareGlow App (available for both Android & iOS)
  • View any visitor directly on your phone from anywhere in the world
  • Family members can all access the app / video feed simultaneously from any smartphone

SquareGlow™ Smart Webcam Doorbell


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