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Dialogue VCO with Port

Designed for people with severe hearing loss/deafness that still want to use their voice.

  • VCO is the Read & Talk phone, just speak into the handset and read responses on the display screen. Voice carry over calls must be placed through toll-free relay service
  • Programmable relay service speed dial button
  • Programmable emergency button transmits user's name, address and phone number in text for quick response by emergency services
  • Programmable preset text message for quick VCO calling, no typing required
  • Volume control up to 26 dB, so anyone in the family can use it
  • Handset is hearing aid T-coil compatible
  • Built-in answering machine for text messages, also works with your voice answering machine
  • Works with Large Visual Display and Portable Printer
  • 12 programmable memory dial buttons 
  • Adjustable super loud ringer and bright visual ring flasher
  • Easy-to-see oversized keypad buttons
  • Battery back-up (battery not included)
  • Redial, hold and flash buttons
  • Audio output jack (3.5mm) for assistive devices

Ameriphone VCO with Port


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