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Bluetooth Neck Speaker & Personal Amplifier

Comfortable wireless neck speaker with microphone, powered by Alango's advanced audio technology.
Delivers high quality crisp sound from any Bluetooth enabled source: television*, cell phone, computer, music player, gaming device, etc., while leaving your ears free.  Extractable earbuds enable private listening.

  • Brings sound close to your ears for a personal, immersive experience
  • Pairs simultaneously and switches easily between TV and smartphone
  • Supports low-latency aptX, enabling perfect audio-video synchronization with no lip sync issues
  • Loud and clear mobile calls, podcasts, streamed videos, and video conferences
  • EasyListen™ slows down incoming cell phone speech for better comprehension
  • SonicVibrance™ provides stereo sound enhancement
  • Suitable for use with hearing aids
  • Also works as tabletop speaker

What's in the Box

  • BeHear Proxy Neck Speaker
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Silicone ear buds in varying sizes
  • Quick Start Guide

Note: There is no charging adapter included with this kit.

BeHear Proxy


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