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Bellman Pro Alarm Clock

With the Pro Alarm clock from Bellman & Symfon you no longer have to worry that you might oversleep. Choose to wake up to an extra loud and audible alarm, four high-intensityflashing lights or a bed shaker that vibrates and emits a sound directly in your pillow.  Perfect if you have a hard time getting out of bed or have trouble hearing.
The Pro Alarm clock has many unique features like the night light beacon, a mild blue light that guides you back to bed if you are up at night, and a smart snooze function that reduces the time intervals from 9 to 2 minutes. The alarm signal sweeps through the frequencies so that even if you have trouble hearing for instance high frequencies you will not miss it. The Pro Alarm clock is very easy to use. It has a large LCD display with adjustable back light and two separate push-rotate dials
for setting the time and alarm.  In addition, you can connect the alarm clock to your telephone to amplify the ring signal or connect it to a contact mat.


  • Extra loud 100dB* alarm - Ascending multi-tone signal
  • 4 x High intensity flashing lights - Effective even in daylight
  • Powerful bed shaker - Vibrates and emits a sound
  • Night light Beacon - Leads you back to bed
  • Battery backup - Keeps all features functional
  • Smart Snooze - Reduces the snooze interval
  • Telephone detector - Amplifies the phone ringing
  • BE1370 Alarm clock
  • BE1272 Bed shaker with sound
  • Power adapter, 7.5 VDC, 1000 mA
  • 4 rechargeable AAA size NiMH batteries
  • User manual

Bellman Pro Alarm Clock

Bellman & Symfon

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