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Bellman Audio Maxi Pro - Neckloop Combo BE2021A-NC 

The new Bluetooth MaxiPro is more capable than ever before. It’s a complete listening solution that connects your smartphone, tablet and even T.V.* – so you can enjoy your favorite show and chat with your friends or family without having to leave the couch. Powered with 135dB of amplification, a full range or tone/frequency settings and large easy to use buttons the MaxiPro stands alone in quality. Maxi Pro is designed to be robust and user friendly. It features large tactile buttons, soft grip materials and high contrast indicators that make it very easy to handle. This makes it a great choice for people with tremors, limited vision or low dexterity.


  • Combo Includes both Headphones and Bellman High-Powered Neckloop
  • Speech amplification - Catch the conversation around the dinner table without effort
  • Phone amplification - Chat with friends without asking anyone to repeat themselves
  • Easy to use - Robust and ergonomic design with unique soft-grip materials
  • TV listening - Watch your favorite show, while sparing your family’s ears
  • Bluetooth enabled to pair with your smart phone or stream to your TV
  • Digital Audio technology provides clear and natural sounding speech without distortion
  • Tone control
  • Up to 60 dB of amplification
  • Built-in omni-directional microphone
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design uses soft-grip materials for low handling noise
  • Works with all T-coil equipped hearing aids (Neckloop Required)
  • Two- year warranty on main unit

Bellman Maxi Pro - Neckloop Combo

Bellman & Symfon

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