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Clarity AH300 Amplified Headset with Microphone - USB for PC

The AH300 provides an easy amplified headset solution for the PC (computer). The AH300 is also a perfect solution for work applications, including call centers (PC based), video meetings, and VOIP calls (PC based).

The AH300 features simple plug-and-play operation, compatible with most desktop computers and laptops. This amplified headset with boom microphone provides loud, clear audio for any applications on your PC (computer), with an easy in-line volume and boost adjustment. The boom microphone ensures that your voice will come across clearly, whether you're on a video call, recording audio, or using the AH300 for many other PC applications (AH300 does not include any software). 


  • Hearing aid compatible
  • USB Connector for plug and play connection
  • Loud and clear headset for hands-free conversations on the computer
  • Lightweight headset and microphone specifically adapted for computers
  • Ideally suited for high background noise environments
  • Amplified
  • Remote attached for quick and easy adjustment
  • Remote allows you to adjust volume, turn on Boost and mute the microphone
  • One (1) year warranty


System Requirements:

  • Works with most desktop computers and laptops
  • USB-A Connector - Requires a USB-A port or a USB-A adapter (NOT included)

Clarity AH300 - Amplified USB Headset with Mic


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