ClearSounds A1600BT

ClearSounds A1600BT

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  • Product Description

    ClearSounds A1600BT
    iConnect Amplified Cordless Bluetooth Phone

    Cell Phone Sharing Capabilities
    If you pair and connect your cell phone to your ClearSounds phone, you can use the phones together, in these ways:
    • Use the ClearSounds handset or base to place a call using your cell phone line.
    • Use the ClearSounds handset or base to answer a call that was placed to your cell phone.
    • Switch cell phone calls back and forth between your cell phone and the ClearSounds phone.
    • Simultaneously converse on a landline call and a cell phone call using the ClearSounds handset and base.

    Cell Phone Sharing Advantages
    By using the ClearSounds A1600BT phone for a cell phone call, you enjoy A1600BT features that might not be available on the cell phone.

    Here are some of the features on your ClearSounds phone that you can use during a cell phone call:

    • No searching for the cell phone to place or receive a cell call on the ClearSounds phone.  The cell phone must simply be within Bluetooth range of the ClearSounds base.
    • Converse on the ClearSounds phone while your cell phone charges.
    • Dial a cell phone call using the ClearSounds phone inbound calls list, redial list or phonebook.
    • Enjoy the ClearSounds phone enhanced volume (including ringtone volume), enhanced visual ring notification and enlarged keys.
    • Converse hands free using the ClearSounds phone speakerphone, headset or neckloop.
    • Converse on the ClearSounds phone with no concern about cell phone signal dropout.
    • Use the ClearSounds mute and hold features.
    • While using the ClearSounds phone to converse on a cell phone line, receive or place a landline call at the same time.

    Bluetooth Features

    • Bluetooth connection
    • Hybrid technology allows you to choose either your cellular line or your landline for calls
    • Varible ring tones allow you to distinguish between an incoming cellular call and incoming landline call
    • For cellular calls, swtich between the DECT handset and your cell phone
    • Simultaneously converse on a landline call and a cell phone call using the handset and base

    Clear Features

    • ClearDigital Power™ Delivers Maximum Clarity & Background Noise Suppression
    • 125 dB SPL amplification with full range tone control
    • Full duplex speakerphone in handset and base
    • DECT 6.0 System expandable up to 5 handsets total (Expansion Handset – A1600E)
    • 95 dB adjustable base ringer and 85 dB adjustable handset ringer
    • Bright visual ringer on base and handset
    Base Talking Features
    • Talking Caller ID - speaks name and number of caller (If you have entered a number into the phonebook and have recorded a voice entry, this recording will be announced)
    • Talking Phonebook – record a name for each phonebook entry
    • Talking Review – when reviewing the Caller ID list, phonebook, or redial list, the information will be spoken

    Base & Handset Talking Feature

    • Talking Keypad – number verification for pre-dialing (speaks back through speakerphone) – base and handset 
    Extra Features
    • Name/Number Caller ID* (20 on base and 40 on handset)
    • 8 one-touch photo memory dial buttons in base
    • 1 one-touch emergency dial button in base
    • 4 one-touch memory dial buttons in handset
    • Jack for optional vibrating pad offers silent ring signaling (for best results, use a ClearSounds shaker accessory)
    • 6-level ringer volume control and 10 adjustable ring tones
    • Vibrating handset ringer
    • Base supports 4 languages: English, French, Spanish & German
    • Handset supports 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese
    • 2.5mm headset jack & 3.5mm neckloop jack
    • Single-line phone expandable up to 5 handsets total (Expansion Handset – A1600E-BT)
    • Big button easy-to-read backlit keypad
    • Last number redial & redial list
    • Touch-tone/Pulse dialing
    • Hearing Aid Compatible
    • Size: Base: 9.25x6x2.25 Handset: 6.5x2.25x1.25
    • Color: Black
    • 1-year warranty
    • Item #: CS-A1600BT

    Digital Answering System

    • Playback through handset or base
    • Amplified up to 125 dB SPL through handset
    • 15 minutes of digital recording time
    • Call Screening/Intercept – allows you to listen to incoming callers leaving a message without answering the call.
    • Remote Access – manage your messages and change your outgoing announcement calling in from any touch-tone phone
    • Time/Day Stamp – announces the time and day of each message before playback.
    • Voice prompt messages available in 3 languages: English, French & Spanish
    • Message playback speed – standard/slower
    Note: Use of Caller ID requires subscription to Caller ID service. 
    Information regarding product features and availability is subject to change.
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