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Conversor Listenor Pro Standard Kit with Headphones and Mic

The Listenor Pro is a Powerful sound amplifier and lightweight microphone for enhanced listening.

  • Focuses on sounds up to 5 yards away
  • Compatible with telecoil-equipped hearing aids (using Optional Inductive Loop)
  • Held in the hand or placed in a raised position on a nearby surface
  • Two AAA batteries for 100 hours use
  • Two year warranty
  • Available in Black

Listenor Pro is a powerful lightweight microphone which provides greatly enhanced sound level and quality for people with a hearing difficulty.

Designed for easy use with binaural headphones, earphones or an inductive loop for use with hearing aids.  The standard version is supplied with a choice of headphones or earphones and two AAA batteries so that it is ready to use. Listenor Pro amplifies the available sound level for enhanced listening, providing noticeably improved hearing pleasure, even in noisy environments.

Listenor Pro can be placed in a raised position on a nearby surface using the belt clip, or held in the hand and pointed towards the source of sound.

There are a number of optional accessories which can help those everyday listening requirements.

Audio cables are available for connection to the headset socket on Radio, computer, MP3 or iPod, or CD players. TV cables are available for connection to a TV. There is also an extension cable available where required. To use the Listenor Pro in meetings, class rooms, lecture theatres and other group sessions a Conversor directional microphone is available which focusses on the sounds you want to hear and accordingly increases the range at which you can hear the speaker’s voice.

What's in the box:


All available accessories is included below:

Conversor Listenor Pro Standard Kit with Headphones and Mic


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