Conversor TV Pro MultiPack

Conversor TV Pro MultiPack

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    The Conversor TV Pro MultiPack
    Personal TV or Audio Listening

    • TV ProTransmitter and Conversor Pro pendant receiver
    • Sound direct from the TV or audio source
    • High quality sound transmission
    • Can be used with sound systems in conferences, church halls or lecture theatres
    • Groups catered for with TV Pro Multipack

    Conversor TV Pro MultiPack is for the individual user to listen to the TV or other Audio source without increasing the volume on the TV which can irritate other viewers. Simply plug the transmitter into the TV, place the Receiver around the neck, switch the hearing aid to Telecoil and listen through the hearing aid or just plug in a set of headphones.

    Conversor TV Pro MultiPack addresses the needs of a hearing impaired participant, whether a Hearing Instrument wearer or for use with headphones or earbuds, in classroom, conference or church hall, lecture and meeting room settings, providing front row sound level and clarity up to 50 metres away from the speaker. Just plug the TV Pro into the Sound System and it broadcasts clearly to the Reciever worn around the participant's neck.

    Conversor TV Pro MultiPack* includes the Conversor TV Pro Transmitter(s) which is connected to the Audio or TV output of the Sound System and Pendant Receiver(s). TheTransmitter can be used with multiple Receivers which are set to the same frequency. The TV Pro Transmitter is mains powered and the Receiver can be charged using the same charger.

    A Wireless link to the hearing Instrument - the Transmitter, which has an automatic gain control to maximise sound quality, broadcasts the sound directly to both hearing instrument wearers and headphone or earphone wearers enabling them to hear the speaker clearly. The desired sound is transmitted with enhanced clarity to the Receiver (worn around the user’s neck either above or below clothing), which sends the signal to the hearing instrument via the inductive neck loop or directly to the headphones or earphones. By transmitting directly there is no interference from background noises and the desired sound is much clearer and intelligible, even in noisy classroom or meeting situations. By increasing the available sound level, less strain is placed on hearing instrument amplifiers, eliminating distortion and feedback. As a result, hearing instrument wearers and headphone users can take a more active part in classroom discussions, lectures and meetings, without the frustration of not hearing properly.

    TV/Conference Pro also comes in a multipack format for groups, is totally portable and enables Schools, universities, churches and conference venues to fully comply with the DDA requirements for the Hearing Impaired. It avoids the expense of installing a fixed room loop and for groups that require mobility this can be the ideal complement to a Sound System.

    The Conversor TV Pro MultiPack includes:

    • TV Pro Transmitter*
    • Conversor Pro Pendant Receiver*
    • Power supply unit*
    • Audio cable, TV cable and scart adapter*
    • 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty

    *Various Transmitter and Receiver configurations exist in the MultiPack product.

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