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Comfort Duett Communicator Kit with Neckloop

Comfort Duett Communicator Kit with Neckloop




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Comfort Duett Communicator Kit with Neckloop

Communicator Kit includes the following: 

  • Communicator Unit
  • Base/Charger Unit
  • Power Cord and Transformer
  • Neckloop
  • Rechargeable Battery

The Comfort Duett is a small, easy to use, rechargeable assistive listening device with superior sound. It is stylish and ergonomically designed. The Comfort Duett amplifies speech, conversations and sounds from a variety of sources like TV, radio, telephone etc. The innovative base unit serves as an overnight charger and as an interface to audio equipment like TV and telephone.

When using earphones the Comfort Duett is very discreet and resembles a stylish music player. Using headphones the Duett can be used as an alternative to Hearing Aids, or with its built-in T-coil and an induction neck-loop, as a compliment. All this makes Comfort Duett the ideal communications tool for a majority of users.

Flexible and practical
A communicator with a powerful and pleasant sound. A built-in T-coil enables listening to a loop. Wearing a neck loop you can use the Comfort Duett and listen with your hearing aid. Possibilities to amplify the sound from TV/radio/telephone.

Small, light and user-friendly Comfort Duett is a small, stylish, lightweight and ergonomically designed listening device. With its large function-button, distinct indications and an ergonomically accurately placed volume control, Comfort Duett is very easy to use.

You don't need to change batteries since the battery in Comfort Duett is rechargeable.

A smart charger unit The base/charger unit is both a place to store Comfort Duett and to charge it at the same time.

The headphones can be placed on the hanger attached to the base unit. With accessory kits, the base unit can be connected to a TV/radio/telephone etc to amplify the source.

Comfort Duett can be equipped to amplify the sound from external sources like TV, radio, hi-fi, telephone etc.

TV amplification: The TV kit's cable connects to the base unit, not to the communicator. Placed in the base, the Comfort Duett amplifies the audio source. When lifted out of the base, it automatically switches to communicator mode.

Telephone amplification: The telephone kit connects a stationary phone to the base unit, amplifying the sound from the telephone when the communicator is placed in the base unit.

Connecting the accessories to the base unit leaves the communicator free of extra wires. When lifted out of the base, the Comfort Duett automatically switches mode without changing position of the function button.

Includes 2-Year limited manufacturer's warranty.

SKU: CFA-F00084

Brand: Comfort Audio