Serene HD-60

Serene HD-60

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    Serene Innovations HD-60 Amplified Phone

    All new design. High-Definition amplification. 600 times louder. Digital speech enhancement. Improper hang-up warning and more!

    This ALL NEW HD-60 is the first amplified phone to offer High-Definition Sound (HDS) Technology for un-matched voice clarity, making every word vividly sharp, clear and easy to understand, all virtually without any distortion, echo or squealing. It is also the first telephone to offer "off-hook" warnings to alert you that you've not reset the handset properly and thus unknowingly blocking all incoming calls.


    • HDS (High-Definition Sound) Technology for un-matched clarity, a new standard in amplified telephone technology
    • Amplifies incoming sound up to 55 dB so it is ideal for people with moderate to severe hearing loss and for those who have tried but are not satisfied with other ordinary amplified phones.
    • The amplifier comes on automatically on every call or on demand
    • Selectable Digital Speech Tone Enhancement allows you to boost and enhance the speech frequencies that you can't hear well, making difficult to hear words intelligible again.
    • Latest Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted squealing commonly found in other ordinary amplified phones
    • Automatic "off-hook" audible and visual warnings to alert improper hang-up, preventing accidental blocking of incoming calls
    • Large and brightly backlit keypad making it the easiest to see among all telephones
    • 12 one-touch programmable memory buttons
    • Two (front and side) visual ring flashers
    • 95+dB super loud ringer with adjustable ringing volume and tone controls
    • Battery back up (batteries not included) for power outages
    • 3.5 mm jack for neck-loop, tele-coil and other assistive accessories
    • Hearing aid compatible handset
    • One year warranty
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