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Serene Innovations PS-200
underPillow™ SleepSound System

Get the best night’s rest you’ve ever had!

The underPillow™ SleepSound System is a device designed to help you sleep well – it’s that simple. Whether you suffer from tinnitus or just have a hard time falling asleep, our underPillow™ SleepSound System will help soothe your nerves and enable you to drift off to sleep. You can even use it to listen to smartphones, iPod® MP3/CD Players, radio, or television!


  • Ideal for tabletop or under pillow use
  • Ultra-thin design and high fidelity speakers
  • Built-in, pre-recorded, soothing nature sounds (a form of white noise)
  • Connect to your own devices and listen to music, TV, audiobooks, and more
  • Listen throughout the night or use the built-in, selectable one-hour timer with auto-stop that lowers volume gradually as you fall asleep
  • AC adapter included – no worries about battery replacement

Serene PS-200

Serene Innovations

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