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Servox Digital XL

  • Servox Digital XL uses four standard, commercially available, AAA batteries (NiMH rechargeable or regular alkaline)
  • Includes eight rechargeable NiMH batteries and a 110v battery charger that charges batteries in about 4 hours
  • Titanium housing
  • Buttons can be set for various volumes and pitches enabling individual setting
  • Rocker switch for individual volume adjustment
  • Convenient hip bag for traveling/storage
  • 2-Year Warranty 

The Servox® Digital XL speech aid is a high quality new edition of the well-known Servox Digital. With its modern power management the battery performance has been significantly increased, extending speaking time by more than 50% compared to the previous model. It provides up to date vocal rehabilitation for laryngectomized and tracheotomized patients, an electrolarynx suitable for patients who lost their voice due to injury, illness or surgical removal of the larynx. 

Thanks to its modern and smart power management, the Servox® Digital XL speech aid offers significantly extended battery performance. 

Provides more freedom and flexibility due to already included rechargeable batteries, a universal travel adapter and a high-quality belt pouch.

QUALITY: Combines technologies proven since 1958 with the state-of-the-art components and first class raw materials.

Set includes: oral tubes with an adapter, a screw cap :soft tone", a carrying strap with replacement strap protection, a belt pouch, 8 AAA rechargeable batteries, a charger, a travel adapter, 2 battery holders, instruction manual.

Servox Digital XL Artificial Larynx Kit


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