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Sonic Alert SS12VB

This Super Shaker Bed Vibrator is placed under a pillow or between a mattress and box springs. The powerful vibrations are guaranteed to wake up extremely heavy sleepers. A built-in temperature sensor protects the unit against overheating.

  • Shaker measures 3-3/4" x 1-1/4"
  • Shaker cord length 6 Ft

NOTE: The Super Shaker SS12VB Bed Vibrator is designed to be used with the following new style Sonic Boom Alarm Clocks:

  • SBB500SS
  • SBS550BC

For the New White Vibrator, please use item:
SS12VW Replacement Shaker for the following alarm clocks:

  • SB1000SS
  • SB200SS
  • SB300SS
  • SBA475SS
  • SBD375SS
  • SBH400SS
  • SBR350SS
  • SBT425SS
  • SS1200C

For the OLD Style Black Vibrator for use with the Discontinued OLD Style Black Sonic Boom Alarm Clock, please use item:

  • SS12V

Sonic Alert SS12VB

Sonic Alert

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