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Small Talk

The Smalltalk anti-stuttering device immediately reduces stuttering, while training you to no longer need the device. It's the world's smallest DAF/FAF anti-stuttering device, and now includes Bluetooth wireless technology.

Altered Auditory Feedback Features

The SmallTalk provides two types of altered auditory feedback.

  • Delayed auditory feedback (DAF)
    immediately reduces stuttering about 70% at normal speaking rates without training, mental effort, or abnormal-sounding or abnormally slow speech. 55% carryover fluency after removing the device, without speech therapy. With speech therapy, DAF can induce a slower speaking rate with stretched vowels to make even severe stutterers nearly 100% fluent.
  • Frequency-shifted auditory feedback (FAF)
    immediately reduces stuttering about 70% at normal speaking rates. Only Casa Futura Technologies stuttering treatment devices have octave-scale FAF downshifting (pitch shifting) to induce vocal fold relaxation. The SmallTalk has six FAF settings: -1.2 octaves, -0.8 octaves, -0.4 octaves, +0.4 octaves, +0.6 octaves, and +0.8 octaves. The Parkinson's SmallTalk model has five FAF settings: +0.4 octaves, +0.6 octaves, +0.8 octaves, +1.0 octaves, and +1.2 octaves.
  • Combining DAF and FAF increases effectiveness to 75-80%.

Headsets and Earsets

The SmallTalk works with all standard headphones and microphones. Three headsets and earsets are included:

  • A Sennheiser PC131 full-size headset gives you the best sound quality and maximizes the SmallTalk's effectiveness. By using the full-size headset on telephone calls, in speech therapy, and in stressful conversations such as public speaking, you'll maximize carryover fluency and not need to use the device for lower-stress conversations. The full-size headset will also bring you support from listeners. When you show the full-size headset to listeners and say that you're using an anti-stuttering device, listeners will want to try the device to hear what it sounds like. Then they'll want to talk to you about stuttering and you'll discover that there's no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about your speech.
  • A Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth wireless cellphone earset is included with a Jabra A210 Bluetooth adapter. Any Bluetooth wireless cellphone earset can be used with the SmallTalk; the Plantronics Voyager Pro has the best sound and best comfort we've found for wireless earset.
  • A Plantronics MX100S binaural (two ear) wired iPod-style earset is included. These sound good, are comfortable, and are simple and easy to use. Any other standard wired earset can be used.
  • Optional accessories include hearing aid-style receivers and other microphones.

Background Noise Rejection

The SmallTalk is the only anti-stuttering device that works in noisy environments, such as classrooms or restaurants. The Sennheiser PC131 headset has a noise-canceling microphone to eliminate noise at the source. Electronic circuits in the SmallTalk filter high-frequency noise above your vocal range. Moderate (-0.4 octave) FAF effectively reduces stuttering yet is acoustically transparent if the device picks up background noise. The SmallTalk has a push-to-talk button that completely eliminates background noise anywhere. The push-to-talk feature is ideal for a student in a classroom who is mostly listening to the teacher and only is called on to talk occasionally, or if you go out to dinner with friends and spend more time listening than talking. An optional throat microphone eliminates background noise even in extreme conditions.

Telephone Interface

The SmallTalk plugs into telephones. You hear your voice and the caller's voice in both ears; the caller hears your normal voice. Leave your SmallTalk plugged into your telephone and practice speech therapy on every call. About fifteen states provide Casa Futura Technologies anti-stuttering devices free to qualified residents who stutter.

Technical Specifications

  • DAF range 30 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds. User-adjustable.
  • FAF range: +0.8, +0.6, +0.4, 0, -0.4, -0.8, -1.2 octaves (six settings). User-adjustable.
  • Binaural (two ear) or monaural (one ear) sound. Binaural sound is 25% more effective than monaural sound and is recommended for severe stutterers; mild stutterers may be able to use monaural sound.
  • 35-7500 Hz frequency range clearly reproduces all vocal frequencies of adults and children.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts about 16 hours. Charges like a cellphone.
  • Gray case, with belt clip. For the fashion conscious, special order a SmallTalk in one of four translucent colors: red, blue, green, or gray. The translucent cases don't have belt clips.
  • Two 3.5mm jacks for any standard microphone and headphones. One 2.5mm jack for any standard cellphone earset.
  • 3" x 2.25" x 0.75" (7.5 x 6 x 1.75 cm). About the size of an iPod Mini.
  • 2.8 ounces (80 grams).

What's in the Box

  • SmallTalk
  • Sennheiser PC131 binaural (two ears) lightweight headset
  • Plantronics MX100S binaural (two ears) earset
  • Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth wireless earset and Jabra A210 Bluetooth wireless transmitter
  • Telephone cable
  • Small screwdriver for adjusting controls
  • Battery charger (American and European plugs)
  • No Miracle Cures: A Multifactoral Guide to Stuttering Therapy book with video

Comparison to SpeechEasy

Tehcnical and effectiveness comparison of the two devices.

Casa Futura Small Talk

Casa Futura

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