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Listen Technologies Listen TALK Personal One-Way FM System - LKS-LP-1

The LKS-LP-1 is a perfect solution for one-way communications.

Introducing the "ListenTALK Personal One-Way FM System," model LKS-LP-1, an innovative personal communication device designed to enhance the hearing experience of individuals with hearing loss. This cutting-edge system utilizes advanced technology to provide clear and amplified sound in one-way communication scenarios, ensuring improved comprehension and ease of interaction. With its compact transmitter and receiver, the LKS-LP-1 system wirelessly delivers enhanced audio signals from the remote transmitter to the receiver. Whether in conversations, presentations, or public events, the ListenTALK Personal One-Way FM System empowers individuals with hearing loss to engage in their surroundings actively, overcoming barriers and fostering inclusivity in their daily lives.

• (1) LK-1-A0 ListenTALK Transceiver
• (1) LKR-11-A0 ListenTALK Receiver PRO
• (2) LA-365 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
• (1) LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
• (2) LA-445-BK Breakaway Lanyard
• (1) LA-423 4-Port USB Charger with 4 LA-422 Charging Cables
• (1) LA-306 Soft Carry Case
• (1) LA-402 Universal Stereo Headphones
• (1) LA-405 Universal Stereo Ear Buds

Listen LKS-LP-1 Personal One-Way FM System w/Headphones

Listen Technologies

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