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Sonic Alert DB100

The DB100 is the only doorbell signaler that requires no wires and can be installed in minutes. Unlike competing models, the DB100 is not triggered by sound, so annoying false alarms are a thing of the past.

Special Note: This signaling product works with the following remote receivers.
Remote receivers will help alert you in other rooms when used with our telephone, doorbell, baby cry and sound signalers.
SA101, SA201, BL300, RH100 and our SB1000 alarm clock with built in remote receivers.
TR50 will not work with any remote receivers.


• Selectable number of flashes (5 or 10)
• Different flash code for front door, rear door, or intercom (requires additional sensor, sold separately)
• Built-in chime for hearing members of the family (can be turned off).

Sonic Alert DB100

Sonic Alert

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